‘STENDERS’, in collaboration with Latvian Fund for Nature, launches an initiative to restore wetlands in Latvia

This year, bath and body wash cosmetics manufacturer company ‘STENDERS’ is starting a partnership with the Latvian Fund for Nature (LFN) to create a support fund for wetland protection and restoration, thus drawing attention to the role of wetlands in preserving biodiversity and mitigating climate change, and inviting the public and other companies to engage in the implementation of sustainable and nature-friendly practices.

The company has launched a new addition to the company’s range of products – Sustainability soap – which is now available in ‘STENDERS’ stores and online. The new product has been created adapting circular economy principles – using soap manufacturing byproducts and raw materials of natural origin. One euro from each purchase of Sustainability soap worldwide will be donated to the Wetland Support Fund to help restore wetland ecosystems in Latvia, including Grīvu sala in nature reserve ‘Lubāna mitrājs’, which requires extensive bush clearing and improvement of road accessibility, as well as closing drainage ditches, making artificial wetlands and restoring floodplain meadows. The funds raised will complement the funding already available to LFN for the restoration of the wetlands.

‘In recent years, we have focused on sustainability, and nature is at the core of our brand, its values and products, so we are constantly looking for new ways to contribute to a balanced relationship between people and the environment. Each year, we produce between 180 and 200 tons of soap, but about three tons of soap is wasted in the process. Now we recycle these soap surpluses into new soaps to bring the principles of the circular economy to life. Water is an integral part of bathing and bathing rituals, but, more importantly, neither human daily life nor conservation of biodiversity can be imagined without it. Wetlands, on the other hand, are natural water filters that remove deposits and contaminants. It is a habitat for many animal and plant species and an essential part of the ecosystem that protects rivers, seas and lakes, so we are pleased to announce that we have launched an initiative to restore wetlands in Latvia in cooperation with the Latvian Fund for Nature. By choosing Sustainability soap, buyers have the opportunity to support the restoration and protection of this endangered ecosystem’

Kristīne Grapmane, Executive Director of ‘STENDERS’

It is noteworthy that wetlands are disappearing three times faster than forests. Wetlands are currently the most endangered ecosystems in the world, and more than a third, or 35%, of the world’s wetlands have disappeared in the last 50 years, making the protection of these ecosystems vital to conserving biodiversity. By raising awareness of wetland issues and calling on society to work together to promote a positive relationship between nature and people, ‘STENDERS’ Sustainability soap embodies and symbolizes the company’s vision of sustainable development and responsible consumption.

‘Wetlands are habitats that are important not only for biodiversity, but also for providing essential ecosystem services that are essential for our existence. The three most important are flood regulation, water purification and carbon sequestration. Wetlands act as sponges that collect floodwaters and then slowly release them, thus preventing other areas and us from being flooded. In addition, they are natural filters that purify water of contaminants. Wetlands effectively capture and store carbon, thereby reducing the greenhouse gas impact and thus being one of the mechanisms for mitigating climate change. For example, raised bogs with their accumulated peat are one of nature’s most efficient carbon storages. We believe that cooperation with ‘STENDERS’ will support the restoration of wetlands in Latvia and draw public attention to the importance of wetlands’

Jānis Ķuze, board member of LFN

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